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Permanent Year-Round Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting Functions

Permanently elevate your outdoor space: Install once and experience the magic for years to come
Holiday Lighting on Home

Holiday Lighting

Unique, energy-efficient, and visually striking lighting solution for the holiday season with Jellyfish Permanent Lighting.
Security Lighting

Accent Lighting

Lighting up your home can instantly boost its curb appeal, and JellyFish Lighting is the perfect solution for accent lighting.
Home Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Jellyfish Lighting produces enough light to serve as the primary light source for security lighting, including cameras or video doorbells.
Game Day Lighting

Game Day Lighting

JellyFish Lighting offers the perfect solution for sports fans who want to show their team spirit on game day or any day.
Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Whether you're hosting a pool party, barbecue, or backyard gathering, JellyFish Lighting is the ideal lighting system.
Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

JellyFish’s color-changing outdoor commercial LED lighting solutions can help your business stand out and provide the perfect ambiance.
Jellyfish Lighting Authorized Dealer
Jellyfish Lighting
Authorized Dealer
Works with Alexa

Enjoy Your Lights All Year Long

Permanent architectural LED lighting that you can enjoy year round, while remaining discreet from the street by day.
Jellyfish Lighting Testimonial
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Never hang holiday lights again!

Say goodbye to the hassle of hanging holiday lights and hello to permanent JellyFish Lighting from Modern Lightscapes.

Festivity. All year long.

JellyFish Lighting isn't just for the holidays - with our customizable app, you can enjoy endless color and movement options year-round.

Outdoor color-changing LED lights at your fingertips.

Experience the magic of JellyFish Lighting with our user-friendly app that puts the power of color and light in your hands.

Because every day is a celebration.

Don't wait for a special occasion to enjoy the beauty of JellyFish Lighting - make every day a celebration with our permanent outdoor lighting solutions.

Never miss a holiday or a special occasion.

With our built-in timer and scheduling options, you can ensure that your home is always lit up and ready to celebrate.

One-Time Installation, Endless Illumination.

Permanently elevate your outdoor space: Install once and experience the magic for years to come.

Jellyfish Lighting App on Phone

Custom Accent Lighting

Create your own accent lighting by controlling each light individually to best showcase your home, choosing which lights you want on and what color, including any hue of white.

Create Custom Colors & Patterns

Control each light individually and choose from over 16 million different colors to create custom patterns with over 20 different movements and effects, you can also choose from 102 preset patterns from our customer’s recommendations.


Ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of your home at the same time (front versus back).

Cloud-Based App

Control your JellyFish Lighting System from anywhere even without WiFi, plus it works with Amazon Alexa.

Jellyfish Lighting App on Phone

Discreet from the Street

Permanently installed under your eaves and behind your trim in a track color that matches with no exterior power supplies. The track encases all wires and jumps are made through attics when possible to prevent visible exterior wires.

Multiple Timers & Events

Save multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions.

Proprietary Technology

We own and manufacture our lighting system (Patent # 9506609) and mobile app to ensure the highest quality and availability, we also release continual updates with new features based on customer requests.

Bright & Energy Efficient

Bright 3-diode lights use less than one watt per light at the brightest white and are dimmable.