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When it comes to creating a successful business, the power of lighting should not be underestimated. Making your business more noticeable has never been easier – or more colorful. JellyFish’s color-changing outdoor LED lighting solution has the ability to transform your business and make a lasting impression on customers. Our lighting system creates a captivating storefront that catches the eye and draws consumers in, delivering year round visibility for your business. With JellyFish Lighting you can outshine the competition!
Commercial built-in exterior lighting on business with app

Attract new customers and increase sales

Enhance security and keep your premises safe

User friendly, cloud-based app to control your lighting system

Multiple timers and events to turn lights on and off automatically

Bright and energy efficient lighting with maintenance-free design

Zoning allows customization for which areas of your building are lit

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One Lighting System Does All This....And More!